inspiration found in the dressing room

Today, I went to one of my very favorite stores, jane in Princeton, to drop off some new pieces of my art.

The lower case "j" in "jane" is completely on purpose, no typo.

It is an amazing consignment store "boutique" that makes you want to look at everything because you are afraid you will miss something.

Here is what I see when I walk in the front door and up the steps.  I love this big iron peace sign against the railing with the orange ottoman in the background.  And I really, really love the ceiling. Even the front mat has jane's signature logo.

There is a lot to see here.
Looking for an adorable shower cap with a vintage feel?

You are in luck!This is my favorite room at jane's.

It is full of carefully selected clothes.

I was in this room for about 2 minutes and found this dress.  I bought a different one but they may still have it.

I tried everything on in here.

jane has so many good shoes.  If you find one you like, just ask for the mate.

Almost everything has a sweet jane tag on it.

What I  love the most about jane is her philosophy, which I cut and pasted from her website.

"jane, the store, was founded in 2009 by Jane Henderson Kenyon and her daughter,
Isabelle Taylor Kenyon. The idea of the store was born from the necessity to reuse,
rethink, and revitalize:

to reuse what others no longer need

to rethink what we already have

to revitalize these things and, in doing so, our lives

jane’s philosophy is simple: to bring beautiful items that are no longer useful to one
family and reuse, rethink, and revitalize them for another.

jane also seeks out “green” merchandise made by local artists or from repurposed materials."

What a great idea..."boutique" style consignment and original art at regular price.  It all works beautifully side by side.  jane also has trunk shows and events to support the local art and handcrafted items she carries.

I am so happy she carries my artwork.  I love being a part of a really good idea, especially if it is environmentally friendly.

Which brings me back to the dress I bought.

I found a Theory dress with the price tags still on it (was $260, paid $60) that looked as though it was right out of the 1920's.  It had ostrich feathers all along the bottom.  I tried it on thinking it was perfect for a June wedding I am attending.

Then I just kept it on.

It felt so spontaneous to be overly dressed up on a midweek afternoon in March walking around Princeton.

I remembered I used to paint these long legs in a tutu and high-heeled red shoes. Beside them,  I wrote about a woman who was ready for the unexpected and wore a tutu everyday.

I was that woman.

I was completely silly in my evening attire.  And it felt so good to be silly and not care about anything else.

Maybe some of the best ideas are ones we already had but forgot about.

I am going to paint those tutus and long legs again.

And start wearing a few myself .

ps. If you go to jane, check out the bathroom.  The sink is made out of  an old tire.  So everything in jane.


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    OMGoodness! I will have to check out jane's! :) I love everything in the pictures, and your tutu dress fits you and your personality! You have a marvelous day there and it shows! :)