One Little Word


On several Sundays last fall, I was a vendor at The Clover Market. We (my sweet husband & I) packed all my salvaged words, stitched prints, some original artwork, studio displays, a new puppy and warm coffee into a truck. These were magical days for me. I was introducing my new work and the response was so positive. One of these Sundays, a woman named Kate came to my tent and emailed me the next day. She ordered hand-scripted words for each of her friends.  And encouraged me to reach out to Ali Edwards, a designer, blogger and author who is passionate about capturing life with words and photos. Thank you Kate. I did reach out, and at the very end of last year,  Ali featured my salvaged hand-scripted "thrive" on her Continue Reading »

A slow start

HourOfGold KB

Here I am.  Leaning into a new year.  Catching my breath and doing those things we all do at the start of a new beginning.  Clean. Give things away. Reorganize. Strategize. And this year, more than any other I can recall, there are lots of shifts and changes. All are very good.  But some are harder than others. So this year especially, I want to remember the lesson I learn over and over again.   What I have to give is enough.  I am enough.  I have everything I need. As the new year starts, I am smiling at all that is ahead.  High profile wholesale shows.  Art shows.  Installations. Grants. Workshops. I am honored and so happy to be teaching an altered book workshop in June at Squam Art Workshops called Hour of Continue Reading »

Christmas in my studio


I have been spending lots of sweet hours in my studio this December.  Shipping. Making.  Writing.  Thinking.  Rethinking.   So many thoughts. But one keeps rising to the top. Simplicity.  Less is more so much more this holiday season for me. Each day I capture a bit of this simplicity at my studio. As you read on, know coffee is brewing, candles are in the fireplace and a Charlie Brown Christmas is playing in the back room. My studio Christmas tree is tiny and all white.  My mom always put up two Christmas trees in our house and one was all white.  That tree was "hers" and she spent weeks decorating it.  I spent weeks playing under her feet with all the pieces of her village.  These two weeks every year are some of my sweetest Continue Reading »

a few simple words


Most weeks, I have a few custom hand-scripted word orders.   This week I had several and I wanted to share some of them with you. Little note: these words are cut from salvaged plastic that is used in plastic packaging. So a material that has no value, now has a value.  Love that!  All the words are done in my hand writing. These are hung on walls, rested on shelves, placed in table settings, or can be Christmas tree toppers... Endless summer. I could use one right now. I love the fall...a crisp breeze, big sweaters, warm soup...but summer has a lazy feel to it that fall doesn't have.  And I am missing that. Our new puppy Gus thinks everyday is summer. All his moments are lazy and playful.  He is good company for me.  Very light Continue Reading »

The start of something new

shadow skirt blog

I have been quiet.  I know. Even though I have not been here, I think about this space everyday. And I have to tell you, there are some changes going on.  In me.  In my life. In my art. That is why I have been a bit quiet. And these changes are good. Things are happening right now, both in my life and in my art. Art in cities.  Art in schools. Art in hospitals. And all of these things are really good and put really good energy forward. And I have been putting little seeds in the ground and big flowers have been growing up. Through all this, there has been a quiet change going on inside me.  Visions of new work dancing in my head.  And I want to show you all of it because it comes out of me big push.  It is every Continue Reading »

Running in the dark


It is a perfect September morning. The sun is shining and the air is crisp. And it is my 24th wedding anniversary.  And it feels like a blink. I remember being really conscious that all that mattered was the fact that we were getting married.  Not the dress so much or my hair and makeup (which I did myself). Looking back, my priorities were in place.  I did not try to control anything I had no control over.  Both of my parents were in the same room after not seeing each other in over 15 years  They behaved beautifully but I didn't focus on any possible drama. I was just really aware of what a monumental step it was that we were taking. And my biggest worry was melting.  It was hot.  Really hot. I was thinking about Continue Reading »

End of summer art project


School starts next week.  And I am not ready to return to routine. I feel that way every August.  I just want a few more lazy weeks with my children. And they are not really children anymore.  Wyatt will be a senior and Paige a sophomore. We spent many summers next to the sea.  And about six summers when they where younger sleeping on the sea on a boat.  There were lots of magical times. And this summer was especially magical because I realize how quickly time passes. How quickly children grow up to be young men and women. I was thinking that as summer winds down, you probably have a folder of two full of art from the past school year. Or from many school years. Maybe your child is all grown up and you have piles or Continue Reading »

leaving my comfort zone


I am a jumper.  A leaper. Logic doesn't often pull me, but my intuition does. More like a yank than a pull. And I have learned to listen closely. I felt strongly my daughter and I were supposed to go on a youth mission trip to the Bahamas this summer. It wasn't with our church. And my daughter did not want to go. Everyone else knew each other.  And we both knew just a few people.  Like three.  Out of 32. At the airport, my daughter was wondering what she was doing there. We were all wearing matching tee-shirts with a bible verse on our back. I was wondering what I was doing there too. Wondering if I heard my intuition wrong. I kept thinking.  'This is not my tribe." By the end of the week, they were more than my Continue Reading »

Making art with the 5th grade


I love art. Outsider art.  Art with words. Any type of mixed media.  Whimsical art. ART.  Period. But if I had to pick a type of art I love best, I would pick children's art. It comes from a place that is so open.  Instinctive.  Inspired. Each spring, I work with about 100 5th graders at a local elementary school.  This started when my daughter was in 5th grade.  Then a few years ago, the art teacher, Gretchen Stout, got a grant to bring me back into the school to work with the kids to create a three-dimensional mural made from salvaged signage. Each graduating 5th grade class adds onto this.  A little piece of them stays behind as they go on to middle school. Gretchen Stout is the kind of teacher that makes you want to Continue Reading »

Putting seeds in the soil

greenbean sprouts

A confession. I love putting my hands in dirt.  No gloves.  Just earth and soil in my fingers as I plant seeds.  And planting barefoot makes me even happier. And I have been doing lots of planting. And not just flowers and vegetables. This past week,  I put my beloved green bean seeds into my raised garden boxes. Magically, just a few days later, they were peeking out of the soil and growing towards the sun. Towards me. At the end of last summer, I wrote about my love of green beans and how I search each day among the green leaves for the green beans.  I love this game. This year, I doubled the fun and also planted peas. These pea pods make me smile.  Everyday I go out and look for them and eat them right off the Continue Reading »